Rosso – Born June 2015

Rosso - Born June 2015
Rosso - Born June 2015

Once you meet tall, black, Rosso, you cannot help but love him. His tail is always up and happily wagging and he is such a greyhound joy!  At nearly 6 years old, he will not be everyone’s first choice of a pet. 

He is also pretty strong on a lead and can be over excited with other breeds off lead, but with more exposure to other breeds, safely, confidently and regularly, he will get much better. He has improved already since we took him in December 2020.  

Rosso adores people and there isn’t a bad bone in his body. He loves his food, although he struggled to digest his food properly when he first came in, as his teeth were not in great shape and he was swallowing his food, instead of chewing it, & had to have a dental. He now has permanently sensitive gums and a tendency for his teeth to tar up very quickly. Meanwhile to help him out, we always ensure his food and treats are softer than the other hounds food.

Rosso has a fabulous long nose with a very slight overbite, that makes him look  very cute. He also ‘talks’ to you so is noisy but in a happy way. He just likes to make his feelings known! We know somebody will come along for Rosso, despite his age and see him for the loving, gentle, deliriously happy boy that he is. Meanwhile, we will keep him safe and happy at the kennels until his time comes to find the right forever home.