Riley – Born March 2018

Riley - Born March 2018
Riley - Born March 2018

Meet Riley, WGW’s toothless hound! Without teeth her little tongue pokes out and gives her a sweet goofy look that attracts a lot of smiles in the park. She won’t chew or bite your furniture, and you won’t have to pay for teeth cleaning! 

Carol will tell you how to soak her biscuits to make them mushy, and luckily her favourites cheese, egg and sausages don’t need much chewing. 

Riley is a confident playful girl with a snuggly side, she has stayed with me a few times overnight. 

She jumps straight in the car, goes to the toilet in the garden and on walks, with no accidents inside. 

In the house Riley can be very sweet and snuggly. She likes to fall asleep on your lap or feet and didn’t show any signs of sleep startle. She slept in my spare room with a dog gate on the door. She didn’t bark when alone and greeted me with jumps and a waggy tail in the morning. She took my shoe to bed (!) and likes to play with toys.