Ray – Born April 2014

Ray - Born April 2014
Ray - Born April 2014

New arrival Ray had his first trip outside the kennels to Painshill. He didnt know how to jump in the car, so needed a helping hand to get in. He then lay down, occasonally popping his head up to look out the window. When we arrived, he jumped out of the car without hesitation, although was a little wary of his surroundings at first.

Ray walks very nicely on a lead and didnt show too much interest in other breeds we met on our walk. He is a quiet, unassuming lad, however he showed his playful side when trying to catch a cap thrown to attract attention for a hound photo shoot.

Ray is a little unsure of life outside kennels, but as he gets out and about a bit more, Im sure his confidence will grow.

Please ask to walk him, next time you are at the kennels.