Gypsy – Born Sept 2013

Gypsy - Born Sept 2013
Gypsy - Born Sept 2013

Gypsy’s Foster Report – Lynda Zareba

Gypsy has just had a week-long stay with us.

She was initially very timid as this was her first foster stay, but she learned very quickly, especially where the sofa was. (We encouraged her to use the dog bed and she quickly got the idea!)

No problem on the stairs. Over the week she learned how to do them – a bit ungainly at first and by the end of the week she was running up and down with no bother

Very timid to start with but gained confidence as the week went on

Greedy – does a ‘dinner dance’ when it’s coming up to dinner time and won’t settle until she has been fed

She slept well at night and didn’t ‘call’ me until about 7.00am, when she decided it was time to start the day! 

She was clean in the house, no accidents, (one small accident on the day she arrived. Fine after that) and was already learning to ask to go out.

Brilliant on the lead – no pulling

She was learning to interact with all breeds of dogs. Nervous when big dogs came up to sniff her,   but was improving. Showed no interest in small dogs or cats and was a pleasure to walk. Got on very well with other breeds, including my cockapoo and my son’s staffie.

All the week she was with me, she ignored my parrot.  Unfortunately, once she less nervous, she had started to notice her and couldn’t leave the cage alone. The parrot would not have been safe, so she had to be returned. 

So, best not in a home with other ‘furries’ or birds. She definitely would enjoy the company of another dog.

Gypsy will make someone a lovely pet. As a previous greyhound owner, we would have kept her in a heartbeat if she had proved to be ‘parrot friendly’. She was very gentle and loving and will make someone a wonderful, loving companion. We hope she finds the right home very soon.