Fred – Born Sept 2018

Fred - Born Sept18
Fred - Born Sept18

Fred is a giant of a hound, tall, dark and handsome. He is a gentle but worried hound, who needs time and patience to help him come out of his shell and become less introverted.

Wary of strangers, especially men, he will at first sight, appear aloof, until he knows you, when you can then see he is just a gentle giant who needs someone to love.  He will not therefore be a new owner’s first choice of a hound, as he looks worried when he meets you, shies away and takes some cajoling to walk with you. Once he knows and trusts you, he has the most fabulous pony trot and his whole demeanour changes on a walk once he has relaxed a bit more and forgotten about his worries.

He is still at the stage where life outside of a kennel can overwhelm him somewhat, as he did when he first met a horse up our lane, so probably needs a confident and experienced dog owner or another dog to show him the ropes and to shadow, as he is able to share a kennel safely with another hound.

Once you meet Fred, you will fall in love with his gentle gaze and unassuming , kindly nature. He loves his food and stands to his full height at his kennel window when you arrive ion the morning and food time is imminent! 

We hope he will find his forever home soon, as there is so much for him to see and learn, and he will become a fabulous pet at home. Meanwhile he is safe and happy in the kennels, until the right home is found for him.