Cody – Born September 2015

Cody - Born September 2015
Cody - Born September 2015

Cody came on a foster with us in June 2019, where he spent three nights living in our home alongside our greyhound girl, Poppy. Cody travels so well, hopping straight into the car with ease and settling down straight away. When arriving at our home, Cody followed our greyhound up the stairs only assessing them for a short few seconds before climbing them gracefully and wagging his tail once he reached the top. He was slightly wary of the home environment and so found comfort in our hallway where he decided to spend the majority of the time on the first night. 

Cody slept through the whole night with no accidents and woke us up in the morning by standing in our doorway wagging his tail, ready for his breakfast. When it came to going down the stairs, Cody was apprehensive however, with some gentle encouragement he was down quickly on his own accord. On his walks, Cody walked nicely on the lead, strutting next to our greyhound. He was interested in the sights around him and upon seeing other breeds in the park, he seemed uninterested and looked away to go find another interesting bush to sniff. He can be a strong boy, with a willingness to see everything he possibly can however, he is easy to walk on a short lead walking by your side. 

On the evening of the second night, Cody found that there were larger comforts in our flat, deciding that after seeing our greyhound on the bed numerous times, he would have a go himself! Well that was it, Cody had then decided that our bed was the most comfortable part of the house and therefore would have his naps there instead of the hallway. 

He was a fantastic boy sharing with our greyhound. He was polite with dogs and humans alike, he didn’t attempt to counter-surf or even look at us for food, he would just keep himself to himself. Cody is a quiet and gentle boy who has an incredible soft and goofy side just waiting to come out. I honestly cannot praise this young handsome boy enough; he was the perfect guest! He would love his own bed in a home (or preferably yours!) as well as a loving family as he is so eager to please.