Cameron – Born Feb 2020

Cameron - Born Feb 2020
Cameron - Born Feb 2020

Here is a video of Cameron created by Sophie

When Cameron came to stay – February 2023

My family and I had the pleasure of Cameron’s company for 8 days recently. We all agreed that Cameron is a beautiful boy, inside and out. When I first met him, Cameron was very excitable and a little jumpy, but soon settled down after strokes and cuddles. His fur is so soft so cuddling him came very naturally!

On the way home, Cameron was a little anxious in the car to begin with and stood for the first half hour but I talked to him gently, opened the back windows and he lay down and relaxed after that. He was brilliant at jumping in and out of the car (hatchback boot), so no heavy lifting required, for which we were very grateful. I kept his lead on while he was in the car and was careful to slide my hand in and hold it to prevent him galloping off when I opened it, but he didn’t seem to be interested in trying.

At home, I introduced him quietly to the family then led him around the garden so he could get his bearings and get comfortable – very important after an hour long journey and some excitement.

We then walked him around the house, showing him the rooms where he was welcome, again on his lead, talking to him all the time about his temporary home. He sniffed and looked in all the corners, went up and down the stairs like a pro, then settled in very quickly.

We made sure to keep Cameron’s food and mealtime routine the same as it usually is in the sanctuary, so he ate at 7.30am and 4.00pm each day. And boy, he has an appetite! He ate very quickly and efficiently, then went straight outside to do his business, just as Carol said he would. So all very easy on the food & toilet front and no accidents during his stay with us.

For the first couple of nights, Cameron was a bit unsure of his surroundings and would get up and walk around the bedroom, but he never cried or whined or tried to jump up on our bed. It was almost as though he just needed to check that we were still there. On the third night, he seemed much calmer and from the fourth night, he was fine and slept much better. He was also able to go through the night without needing the toilet, so whoever adopts this gorgeous boy just needs to give him time to settle.

On the lead, we all found him quite easy to control. He likes to be just ahead of the pack, but didn’t pull or veer in front of us in the way that many other breeds seem to. He liked a few sniffs and obviously had to stop to do his business from time to time, but for anyone who enjoys a good walk, he will be wonderful company. Apparently, Cameron has little or no prey instinct hence his early retirement from the track (he’s only just 3) and this means that he is good natured around other breeds of dog which was quite a relief for us as our previous greyhound was not. He was not really interested in the squirrels in the woods but he did love staring at the pigeons in the garden through the window.

Cameron is a quick learner. After a few days, he was responding to ‘Stop’, ‘Stay’ and ‘Come’. He also loves playing with balls, squeaky or not and was starting to get the hang of ‘Fetch’! So not really a typical greyhound!

Like many other greyhounds, Cameron is sweet natured, lively and extremely affectionate and lovable. All cuddles were welcome and he seemed eager to please and learn. He will make a wonderful family dog, probably with experienced dog owners who will help him calm down and settle in quickly. We got rather attached to him and hope he finds his forever home very quickly.