Bruno – Born August 2019

Bruno - Born August 2019
Bruno - Born August 2019

Sophie has created a video of Bruno so that you can see his gentle nature.

Bruno has been on a homestay

Bruno was more than happy to jump into my car and make himself at home for the journey back to Lingfield, only getting up to readjust.

Once we got home he had a good explore throughout the house and greeted the rest of the family very politely. He had his dinner and a walk and then settled down for the evening.

Bruno is a very happy and affectionate boy, within a couple of hours of being home he was on his back demanding belly rubs and bursts into song if he feels as though you’re not putting in enough effort ❤️

He slept all the way through the night and has been completely clean in the house!

We’ve just returned from a nice morning walk where he met a galgo and a young lurcher and was very well behaved and was happy to say hello to them both.

Bruno is fantastic on the lead and is such an easy walk. We saw a small fluffy which he decided was pretty boring. He’s now back at home snoozing ⭐