Beau – Born May 2016


Bo came to Wimbledon Common for the new years day Surrey Sighthound Walk and was a perfect companion.

Having only been at the kennels a month or so this was one of Bo’s first trips out and he was very excited. I had to lift him into the car (my car is slightly higher than average) but as he’s on the smaller side this wasn’t an issue at all. He settled down well for the car journey and hoped out nicely when we arrived. 

It was very busy on the common with a huge number of other breeds which Bo was fascinated by. He didn’t quite know where to look wondering why all these other greyhounds looked so odd! However while he was clearly quite excited by them he was not reactive at all and had a good sniff of some smaller breeds with no negative reaction. There were some other dogs who were off lead and running around which caused Bo to do a few little leaps of excitement but I think he just wanted to join in the play!

Overall Bo was a lovely boy to take out and I think a number of the humans in our group were taken by his chirpy puppy like personality and good looks.