Alan – Born June 2020

Sophie has done a great video of Alan:

Alan has also been on a foster stay. Here is the report.

“After previously fostering a few girl greyhounds, we thought it would be a great opportunity to experience what it is like living with a boy greyhound for a few days. Alan’s gentle, affectionate nature and love for company made him stand out straight away.

When I collected Alan from the kennels, he was bit unsure to start with, but came out of his shell very quickly once he saw that he was getting in the car.

🚙Alan was a bit confused to start with when it came to getting in the car. But with a little bit of help, he laid down straight away Alan remained laying down for the entirety of the journey. He managed to climb out by himself when we got home, and his tail was wagging quickly when I opened the front door.

🏞️Alan loves the garden, having many sniffs and marking his territory straight away. He enjoyed a bit of a trot and was fascinated by birds and squirrels that came into the garden (he never went after them; he would simply sit and watch them). Alan was good with going to the toilet but sometimes needed a bit of reminding that the living room wasn’t the garden as well.


🏡Within the first few hours of being here, when he was a bit nervous and unsure of these surroundings, Alan had a few accidents in the house. Other than this, he was amazing, coming for a lot of affection when he wanted it, laying down on this back with his legs up, and wagging his tail at the door whenever anyone got home.

Occasionally, Alan could get a little overexcited, however calms down very quickly afterwards, eager for fuss. Alan loved laying right in the middle of the living room by the TV, as this was the closest spot, he could be to everyone, sometimes even laying on our feet so he couldn’t be any closer.

🦮Alan loved his walks. He would see his lead come out the cupboard and his tail would wag instantly. Alan walks very nicely by your side, with little or no pull. He was amused by dogs, birds, squirrels or cats at all. He got close to a chocolate Labrador and walked past like it wasn’t even there.

🌚On the first night, Alan was a little bit restless and walk round for a while. He attempted to take one of the pillows off the sofa for his bed, but with a simple ‘No’, he put it down and laid down. Once asleep, he slept through the duration of the night and only got up when my dad (who slept in the living room with him) did.

🍗Alan ate well and drank when he knew he needed it without reminding him where the bowls were. Alan sometimes would eat half of this food and then go back to the rest later, typically only picking out and eating the little chicken bites put in to encourage good eating.

When we ate, he was quite intrigued but would never jump up. Whilst staying with us, Alan learnt the command ‘Lay Down’. So whenever he got too close to our food, we would say the command, and he would leave straight away to go lay down.

Overall, Alan is an amazing boy💙 and is so worthful of a loving, affectionate family, that will provide a safe, friendly environment for him to come out of his shell and show his great personality to the full!🥰”

If you are interested in re-homing any of the hounds then please contact the kennels.