Ainsley – Born Dec 2012

Ainsley - Born Dec 2012
Ainsley - Born Dec 2012

Ainsley went on an outing to Bushy Park. He needed to be lifted into the car but once in settled down nicely and jumped out easily when we got to the park. Ainsley was quite new to the kennels and so this was one of his first trips out. He was happy to be out and about exploring and enjoyed having a very good sniff of everything. He also likes to leave his scent in as many places as possible but doesn’t kick the dirt.

Ainsley was overall an extremely easy walk and didn’t pull on the lead at all. We saw a number of other breeds on and off lead and whilst curious as to what they were he didn’t bark or show any aggression. I was able to chat to other dog walkers a few meters away and he was absolutely fine. He was quite interested in off lead dogs that were running around a bit further away and liked to stand a watch them for a few moments but I think this was just interest in what they were and what they were doing.

Ainsley enjoys a lean and a cuddle and is a nice calm boy who will make someone a lovely companion. 

If you are interested in re-homing Ainsley then please contact the kennels. Or, even better, come along to the kennels between 11am and 2pm and walk some of our hounds to get to know them.