Brodie- Born 2014

Another of our shy boys who takes time to get to know you, but once he does, he loves a cuddle.

Suit a quieter home with someone who's got the time and patience to bring out the best in him.

Not been out to the park yet, so untested with other breeds.

Sue - Born 2013 - Reserved

Sue can be a bit timid initially, but like many of our shy boys and girls, she'll get cheeky once she gets to know you.

A patient, quieter home would most likely suit her best, especially if there's already a dog in residence to show her the ropes.

Joe - Born 2011

An all round good boy who's more than ready to go home.

Great with his girls so would love a companion already in place if possible.

Snowy - Born June 2012 - Reserved.

Quite a big girl, full of life, enthusiastic about her walks and more than ready to take her place in the outside world. A delightful addition to any home.

Sass - Born December 2012.

Such a worry pot when he first arrived, he's now relaxed and is getting to enjoy all that life has to offer. He's very affectionate and responsive to some one to one attention but finds other breeds just a bit too exciting at the moment.

Storm - Born December 2010.

This shy little lad has blossomed and it hasn't taken much time, just people around who have invested a bit of time to tell him how wonderful he is. Still needs work with other breeds but is well worth the investment.

Legend - Born June 2012

Legend is a very shy boy who has been suffering from painful corns. We hope that he will gain confidence as his paws recover and he gets to know us better. He loves being with the people he knows but is easily scared by busy and noisy environments.

He needs a home with people that will take they time to get to know him and gain his trust.

Paddy, Born 2008

Paddy has been with us for nearly 5 years now. He came in as a very young and excitable 3 year old with a strong chase instinct and although he has definitely mellowed over time he is still full of beans and will still need work with other breeds of dog.

What a delightful, gentle and loving boy he is. High time he found a sofa to call his own.

Three worried little souls

These 3 worried little souls need people to invest time in getting to know them, people who are prepared to take it slowly and not take it personally if the hound prefers not to be in a room with them. People who can give a hound the time and space to figure it out and blossom at a pace they are comfortable with. People who will show them that life can be good if they are very brave. Of course, if there is already a greyhound in residence that would really help. Are you that special someone who can offer one of these little souls a home?

Beryl, Born 2012 Jetta, Born 2011 Monty, Born 2011

Barney, Born 2010

Such a lovely chap to care for, Barney is the unfortunate lad who shares his kennel with Maggie. That just shows you how tolerant this lad is, in fact he's a saint. Barney can be a bit shy when he first meets you but he soon gets over it.

He has been to the park and will need a bit of work with other breeds but such a lovely lad is worth investing some time in.

Annie - 2009

Already spends most of her days on a sofa to call her own – now all she needs is a home to go with it!

Annie can be a bit shy but always gives her regular walkers a very warm welcome. She’s not had much experience of life away from the kennels and still needs some work with other breeds.

But her winning ways more than make up for this and we just know she’ll be a delightful addition to any home – she’ll even bring her own sofa with her.

Patrick - Born 2012

Patrick is a handsome young chap with lots of energy, who loves attention.

He needs to get out and about a bit more and to improve socialisation with other dog breeds. 

Patrick gets on well with people and other greyhounds, but his energy means he possibly wouldn’t be great with an elderly hound.


Lenny - born 2008


Lenny is another lad who has really come on in leaps and bounds and is more than ready to go home.

Lenny is such a happy boy, he loves interacting with people and is always up for a game in the paddock.

He’s improved so much when meeting other breeds so now all he needs is more regular exposure to life beyond these kennel walls.


It was a great pleasure to have Gentleman Jim staying with us again for Easter and the following week. As always, Jim was the perfect house guest and, because he has been to us so often now, he is very much more a family pet and family member than a greyhound we are fostering. He is an incredibly intelligent dog and reads every signal almost before we have spoken or moved.

When I picked him up there was some concern that he had been nervous about getting into other cars. However, with mine, there was no hesitation. He leapt into the back, settled down comfortably and had a very relaxed journey home.

As we all know, Jim adores car travel (in fact, far prefers it to walking!) and loves going out for a ride every day. He loves to be taken by car to the shops or the park. This time we were also confident enough with him left him to leave him at home for a couple few hours on Easter Sunday while we went out for a family lunch where there were other dogs present and he would not have been comfortable or be able to relax. As anticipated he was as good as gold and delighted, of course, to see us when we returned. We also suspect that, true to his breed, he had sneaked onto the sofa for a snooze while we were out as the displaced newspapers gave him away!

Being part of the family now, Jim was also more attuned to instructions and obedient on this visit - and far less ‘shouty’ with other dogs – no doubt because his confidence with and in us has grown. He was far more responsive to commands and, I imagine, with persistent effort could actually achieve greater socialisation with other dogs. He will never of course be able to love cats or anything small and furry that runs. He like nothing more than a good bark at a cat when out for his evening walk.

It really is amazing to us that someone who has not been able to offer him a permanent home. He is the easiest of companions and ideal as a home dog apart from his slight reluctance to put much effort into walking (unless he is interested in something of course) and his tendency to turn back after five or ten minutes for the comfort of a cosy bed or the back seat of a car. He is also so loyal and affectionate (although not a lap dog, jumpy or kissy thank Goodness). We do hope someone makes a permanent home for him soon - he is such a lovely chap.

David and Winnie

25 April 2017


Another one of our strapping lads who likes nothing better than a game of ‘catch me if you can’ in the paddocks.

A beautiful boy who is ready for his forever home.