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WGW “wish list”

WGW “wish list”

We are often asked by our kind supporters, what provisions they might be able to buy to support the running of the kennels, so that they do not spend money on things we may already have.

This is the wish- list we have compiled, if this helps. Any of these items would be much appreciated.

Thank you, from us all at Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare:

1. Bin-bags (large dustbin size)

2. Wheelie bin liners

3. Disinfectant (pet friendly for kennels) or general disinfectant / zoflora etc. For the yard

4. Kitchen rolls

5. Toilet rolls

6. Hand sanitiser

7. Bags of soda crystals for cleaning

8. Anti-bacterial hand wash

9. Rubber gloves (large)

10. Fresh chicken or cooked chicken

11. Tinned fish (pilchards, sardines, tuna)

12. Cooked sausages for treats/ tablets/medication

13. Tins or packs of corned beef or chicken roll for tablets/medication

14. Teabags / coffee / sugar/ human biscuits – (for fundraising coffee mornings at the kennels every other weekend)

15. Forthglade (just) trays – Kennels price per individual tray or BOX OF 18 from local pet supplier ‘Surrey Pet Feeds’ (Heritage House, Pool Road, West Molesey KT8 2NU – Tel: 01932 221996)

16. Baileys grain-free biscuit- Kennel price per 2kg BAG OR for a 15kg Bag. (‘Surrey Pet Feeds’, as above)

17. We take unwanted towels, blankets, duvets *(please ask if we have storage room before bringing, as we don’t have much storage space, so may need to keep back for a week or two. Kennels Tel No: 01932 251894).