Reach The Beach
Reach The Beach

In view of the climbing temperatures this week which are forecast as increasing over the whole weekend, in liaison with advice from the West Wittering beach authorities, we have had to take the decision not to go ahead with this event.

Our top priority is the welfare of all our hounds. There is not enough shelter on a beach for this sudden heatwave and despite being by the sea and even with a potential sea breeze, any hound will still be at high risk of heat exhaustion.

It is not advisable for any hound to visit West Wittering this weekend in view of the extreme heat that has increased as the week has progressed.

We hope to re-schedule this event when it is cooler, if at all possible, but meanwhile, you should be able to request a refund from the parking site, if you have already paid for parking in advance.

We know you will understand our concerns and we urge all hound owners to seriously consider the severity of the weather warning this week and at the weekend and keep your hound /s indoors – rested and cool.

Thank you all for your understanding and kindness in having offered to make a homeless hound’s day out a special one. There will always be other opportunities to help us help the hounds.

Thank you.

Carol xx