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Stanley – Born June 2013

Stanley – Born June 2013

Stanley is a gorgeous lump of loveliness. His sweet greying face makes him appear older than his five years and he has not long been retired. Apparently he was a pretty good racer, but this doesn’t translate to a worrisome prey drive. I found he was very well behaved around other breeds, even small yappers. He’s interested in other dogs but only because he doesn’t know what they are – there was no malice in any of it, if anything, he errs on the anxious side (although nothing that concerned me there either).

When I first collected him from the kennels, he came bounding out to the yard and I thought that we would need a harness but this was just excitement at being out. He needs a little work in not weaving around all over the place on a lead but keep it short and you can’t go wrong, he is a very easy walk. He loves being out and about and sniffing everything. He leapt straight into my car boot happily and settled down pretty much immediately. He travels really well – he lies down quickly often with his head contently on his paws, and he’s calm throughout the journey.
Back at my house, we went straight through to the garden, which involves going down a very small flight of wooden steps. These proved no problem and he went for a wee outside, responding to praise with a waggy tail. He explored the house – which he was clean in the whole time, not even a hint of marking – and thundered up the stairs to my room pretty much straight away, no help needed, same with going back down.

He made himself at home straight away too, quickly settling on one of Rena’s beds in the lounge. He played with her toy duck (she is “above” toys, unless they belong to someone else), got on the sofa (got off it again when I told him to), and tried out my bed for comfort too.
Stanley ate all his meals (and stole some of Rena’s, which I want to say will teach her about being a grazer but it won’t) and slept through the nights without any interruption. I personally like to have my dogs in with me so I don’t know how he would fare outside of the bedroom but he was a good, quiet lad when I went out one evening for a couple of hours, leaving him and Rena under the supervision of my dog cams. They opted to settle down in different rooms, which suggests that he is happy enough on his own and doesn’t necessary need doggy company – but he was also fine around Rena and interacted happily with her (she was less cheerful about it as she’s a bit of a misery pants).

Stanley is one of the loveliest dogs I have ever had the pleasure to foster. It was easily the hardest return to kennels I have experienced. He is such an easy boy – he is a wonderful mix of playful and silly with calm and chilled out. He is very affectionate and loves to be stroked and to have his belly rubbed. If you stop before he is satisfied, he raises his paw at you for more. I discovered he loves to lie alongside you on the bed and will let you put your arm over him. If you love spooning your dog, this is the boy for you. And he has the softest fur. A lot of hounds are quite shabby in kennels (although this does always clear up over the first year in the home) but Stanley’s striking and unusual dark brindle coat is thick and soft.

If I could have a second dog, I would have Stanley in a heartbeat. He is so ready for his forever sofa and, as I already said, very easy. He would suit first timers or experienced hound owners alike. He went to a couple of pubs with me and was fine, and met several children. Kids should never be left unsupervised with any dog and need to know about how to behave but he was very gentle with those he met so a family would also be a good bet. Stanley loves people so I would hope that he will go to a home where people are around most of the time, which is what we want for all the hounds, but as he was absolutely fine for the 2.5 hours I left him, I suspect that, built up over time, he would be happy to just snooze for 4 or so hours between dog walker visits if you have to go out to work like Rena does with me.

Every day that Stanley spends in kennels is a waste of a ready-made pet. Please come down and meet this lovely boy, take him for a few walks and let his sweet, loving character come out. You won’t regret it.