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‘Website Woof’ presents Snowy. Snowy was born in June 2012.

We hope you enjoy reading the volunteers’ descriptions of their walks with the hounds. If you would like to find out more about Snowy please visit our kennels and talk with a member of staff.

The kennels are open daily for hound walking from 11am until 2pm and are located at Burhill Kennels, Turners Lane, Hersham, KT12 4AW. Tel: 01932 224918

This is what Caroline Arnett-Wilsher said about Snowy:

‘This beautiful girl is perfect in so many ways, where do we begin!

Snowy is the most gentle, loving greyhound you could ever hope to meet. She loves cuddles and especially tickles on the side of her face and will give you a little nudge to continue if you stop!

She’s always so enthusiastic about her walks. She was quite nervous on her lead when we first brought her home – especially with other dogs coming towards her off lead but she has overcome this tremendously and on the whole she is comfortable & much calmer with any dog of any size approaching for a little sniff. She shows an interest in other doggies running around but no more than this. She walks beautifully on the lead, she pulled a fair bit when we first had her, but again has improved so much to just a nice gentle trot by your side. We occasionally walked with another greyhound, a boy, and she seemed to love this and responded so well in his presence.

She is fine in the car and very eager to jump in, lays down for the whole journey, just getting up now and then for a little look out the window. She was sick in the car on one occasion but she hadn’t long been fed, all other times she was fine.
She will usually alert you with a bark if she needs to go in the garden for the toilet, and over the course of time I have no doubt that she would always alert you, and she is happy to wait by the back door afterwards to have her feet wiped.
She loves her grooming especially having a nice brush. She’ll let you brush her teeth with no bother, but a little treat at the end was always well received!

She sleeps through the night downstairs on the sofa, with a little nightlight on and the radio on low (BBC Radio Paw is her favourite!) In fact the sofa was her favourite place most of the time! She never made it upstairs in our house, only because the stairs are very step with an open gap between each step. But she managed some steps over the park with no problem at all.

She does have a sensitive tummy but seemed fine on chicken and boiled rice and a little bit of Step Up To Naturals dried food sprinkled on top. She absolutely loves food! (Carol can advise on Snowy’s dietary requirements).

She is so gentle with anyone she meets, and for anyone coming into the house she would never jump up, just a gentle and curious trot over to say hello, a look up and down, and then straight back to bed.

She loves soft toys, especially throwing them around in the garden. She also got on really well with kicking around a food dispensing football.

She has started to learn some basic commands. On her walks she responds to either “Snowy look” or “look at me” and will look straight your way, handy if trying to distract from any dogs at any point. We would always reward this with an enthusiastic “good girl” or better still a small treat of dried food. She knows “go to your bed” and generally responds to this straight away.

It was fireworks season when she was with us and she wasn’t bothered at all. She actually fell asleep during most of it and even asked to go out in the garden during them! She also isn’t bothered by other noises like the hoover.

It is very important to mention though that Snowy doesn’t cope well with being left on her own so would definitely need to be with another dog ideally, or owners who work from home / are at home most of the time.

We really cannot speak highly enough of this wonderful girl. In the right home we have no doubt that she will be a pure delight.’