Saturday 9th December – Meet and Greet in Ealing

Hello all. We have been invited back to fund raise at the Christmas Ealing Antique & Vintage Market,on Saturday December 9th . We have a gazebo, plenty space both inside & outside this to show off the dogs & parking is available along the entire street.It is also right next to West Ealing mainline station for those who prefer public transport.

For those of you with hounds who enjoy all the fuss & attention they get at the M&G’s please do let me know if you can help by coming along for however long you have to spare. The humans also get very well looked after with pastries and alcohol provided….there were several dogs taking home drunk owners last year šŸ™‚ The market is on from 0900 – 1500 hrs approximately.Just bring a duvet for your dogs šŸ™‚

Many thanks in advance to those who’ve already kindly volunteered their hounds & their time šŸ™‚