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Romeo Home Stay

Romeo Home Stay

Romeo had a further home visit with us 6-10 February 2019 – his second. Once again, he was very well-behaved and is clearly settling in.

For only his second experience of house-based living, he is clearly getting to like it. He was much more relaxed and, although he has not yet mastered stairs, he is clearly beginning to feel at home in a human living environment.

He is a very nervous hound, perhaps because of his start in life, and easily startled and spooked. However he is growing increasingly confident which we were very pleased about.

His socialisation with other dogs is also improving as his confidence grows. We even managed to go for a proper walk in a park with the minimum of shouting.

On his next visit, I hope to walk him in parallel with other ‘non-greyhound’ dogs to see how he copes with that.

He is course a devilishly handsome hound and charms the socks off every human being he meets. . He is also very loving and affectionate – although not in a kissy, lick-y, way. He will eventually make someone an absolute wonderful pet and companion.

David and Winnie Hewlett.