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Rocco Foster Report

Rocco Foster Report

Rocco came to stay with us and our two girls for a couple of days and proved to be quite a little gem. We were surprised at how easy he was to look after and how little his visual impairment affects his life in a home.

When we set off from the kennels he was a little hesitant getting into the car, but once lifted into the boot he just lay down and stayed calm for the duration of the journey. After having been lifted back out of the car he just followed our girls up the step and into the house as if he had done this many times before.

I initially hesitated to let him off his lead, worried that he would bump into things in a house he didn’t know, but it turned out that he is quite able to find his way around without difficulty. Once off his lead, he just took his time to wander around and investigated every room in a very quiet, almost methodical way.

I suspect that, at the moment, he still has a very limited level of vision remaining which helps him to avoid obstacles. He noticeably struggled in bright light though and when he went out into the sunny garden, he marched straight into the pond without noticing. Luckily the pond is shallow and the day was hot, so no harm done.

Rocco was very clean in the house and did not show any marking behaviour. He did all he needed to do in the garden or on walks and had no accidents inside. At night he settled down with our girls in the dining room and slept quietly until the morning.

During the day he liked to be with everyone, but he was not clingy. He just enjoyed lying on a comfy mat near to everyone, listening to what was going on or just snoozing the hours away.

He clearly likes his food and ate all his meals without fuss. Oh, and he LOVES cheese!

Outside he liked to walk next to our greyhound girl Carly who set the pace and allowed him to brush up against her when he needed direction. As he can’t see movement in the distance, he does not react to squirrels or cats but instead focusses on the next few steps ahead of him. He is very easy to walk and does not pull at all. He is however quite noise sensitive and sudden, unfamiliar, sounds can make him jump.

Not even 3 years old yet, Rocco is still a youngster and would easily adapt to living in a home. It would not be necessary to make major adjustments for him, just some care and consideration in order to keep him save.

He is a lovely, undemanding and, not to forget, very handsome boy who would thrive in a quiet home. Ideally, he would like to live with another calm and good natured hound who would not mind being used as a guide dog at times.