‘Website Woof’ presents Rhonda.

We hope you enjoy reading the volunteers’ descriptions of their walks with the hounds. If you would like to find out more about Annie, please visit our kennels and talk with a member of staff.

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I collected Rhonda on Friday afternoon, we had quite a long drive home as it was busy and she was a bit stressed but on the whole was not too bad. When I arrived home I led her around the ground floor of the house. She showed no interest in going up the stairs so left that for another time as she had enough to deal with for one day. She had a little a whine but after a while she settled on the bed. It was a new environment for her and she was very much aware of all the different noises especially my neighbours going up and down the stairs.

Rhonda settled down for the night and woke me up at about 5am, when she needed to go out. What a good girl, she was clean in the house for her entire stay with no accidents whatsoever.

On Saturday we went to the park early. She is great to walk, so light on the lead. Even when she shows an interest in squirrels you can call her and she walks on nicely. At home she showed she was adapting by seeming less affected by the noises. I had two unexpected guests who she greeted and after a good sniff she took herself back to bed. We had a lovely walk in the afternoon and she was not bothered by traffic but more interested in all the new smells. We met a few cats and she stopped and looked but didn’t pull and continued walking when I called her. I had visitors on Saturday night and she was as good as gold, she didn’t come up to the table when we were eating. She was flat out until she let me know at 5.30 that she needed to go out and when she came back in she settled down until 8pm.

On Sunday we met an off-lead Labradoodle. He came over to say hello and Rhonda was fine with that but when he sniffed her bum a bit too much she told him off. It only lasted seconds and she didn’t dwell on it. We met a couple of other dogs and she was fine with them giving a brief hello before moving on. To be honest she is more interested in having a good sniff than looking at the wildlife.

Rhonda is a fantastic eater and eats all her food with great gusto. She did not like being left when I took the bins out. She gave a whinge and a whine, stood by the door the whole time and was so pleased to see me when I came back in. Rhonda does not appear to bark, she is a darling girl. She did not destroy any of the toys I gave her but did enjoy when I played a game with her.


‘It was my great pleasure to take the wonderful Rhonda for a walk at West End Green. This girl is an absolute dream. As it was her first time in a car she did need a little bit of encouragement to get in. When we got going she was a bit bewildered but settled very soon on the back seat looking out the window and when we passed a couple of dogs and she was not fazed one bit.
When we arrived at the Green she jumped out no problem.

Within about five minutes of being there two small off-lead dogs ran over to say hello. She greeted them with a wagging tail and spent a moment smelling them and was then quite happy to carry on with the walk. We also met an off-lead Labrador who was very interested in sniffing her but once again she seemed to take it all in her stride and did not react. This little lady is a dream she seems to be really chilled.’