Elvis – Born May 2016

Elvis - Born May 2016
Elvis - Born May 2016

Elvis has been on a home stay and had a wonderful time.

Walkies; Elvis is fantastic on lead, and he loves an adventure! A couple of walks per days and a some pitstops in the garden is plenty. 

Sleeping: Elvis is a good sleeper and slept through every night. He likes a quiet, warm and cosy spot and will enjoy plenty of naps during the day as well. “Being such a beautiful gentle giant is hard work and I need my beauty sleep!”

Behaviour: Elvis gets 5 stars for being very polite and well behaved! He doesn’t bark or beg for food. He is the perfect gentleman.

Cuddles: morning cuddles are the best, and Elvis cannot stop wagging his tail in the mornings. He loves a cuddle, and headscratch. 

Sophie has created this video of Elvis:

Elvis has also been on foster

Hello everyone!! I am on a foster holiday until Friday and so far I’ve been very good!

I got in the car yesterday very well!! I did good travelling howevers when i arrived at the house I decided I could not get out of the car so I had to be carried which made some passers by laugh ( I think they were wishing that they too would get carried out of their car).

I did big sniffing in the garden and then some big sniffing in the house. Then I did lots and lots and lots of playing with toys!! I love toys especially hedgehog! Then I did a big sleepy. Then woke up and played with more toys and had my dinner! I has been perfect at going to the toilet outside!

Also I slept all the way through the night from 9pm-6am when I was rudely woken up to go on a nice quiet walk 🙄

If you are interested in re-homing Elvis or any of the hounds then please contact the kennels.