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‘Website Woof’ presents Rebel.

We hope you enjoy reading the volunteers’ descriptions of their walks with the hounds. If you would like to find out more Rebel please visit our kennels and talk with a member of staff. The kennels are open daily for hound walking from 11am until 2pm and are located at Burhill Kennels, Turners Lane, Hersham, KT12 4AW.

Laura took Rebel to Painshill today and this is the story of the fun we had:

Rebel is a big, handsome exuberant bundle of fun. He explodes out of his kennel with the enthusiasm of a whirling dervish so it was with trepidation that I invited him into my car for a trip to Painshill today but I needn’t have worried.

With his tail wagging continually, Rebel leapt into my car easily and settled down nicely. On arrival at the car park he was overcome with excitement to be out and about and did a convincing kangaroo impression but this was short lived and he settled down nicely once we got into the park.

He definitely walked with enthusiasm and is a strong lad but I got the impression he was slightly over awed by everything he had to take in. His reaction to the other dogs we met varied from total indifference to leaping with joy but, when he was leaping around, he was easily distracted with a treat or a cuddle and he happily walked on nicely.

Rebel loves life and would love someone to take him home to show him some more of the outside world and teach him how to relax a little.