New Sanctuary Hound – Moreen

New Sanctuary Hound – Moreen

MOREEN – Born 30th June 2011

New Sanctuary girl, Moreen, is a beautiful, happy black and white greyhound girl, with an indomitable spirit and soulful eyes that will melt any heart.

Gifted into us from her previous owners who, for financial reasons and a change of family circumstances, felt they could no longer give her the quality of life at home she so deserved, since they were now having to be out at work for unreasonably long hours and although they employed a dog sitter, they felt she wasn’t having much of a life with them.

Moreen had been in a home for about 5 happy years and we agreed to take her in the Sanctuary because she had suffered a badly broken foot a year previously which the ex owners had spent significantly high funds on having repaired by a vet. Upon further investigation, we found the foot did not appear to have been mended as well as it could have been. Furthermore, the rescue she was from had apparently stated they would just amputate if they took her back in for rehoming.

Sanctuary Hound - Maureen

We felt Moreen deserved to be looked after in the Sanctuary when approached by her previous owners and when she had her subsequent health check at an orthopaedic greyhound vet, it was advised she could have a corrective operation which, though complicated, could help her have physical improvement to the poorly mended foot – although it would be a slow and long road to recovery and careful management of her foot and short lead walks meantime.

Since Moreen’s age and confident nature meant that she was a good candidate for this operation, we could not see her struggling anymore and have now proceeded with this major operation to give her the chance of some improvement and a better quality of life.

The good news is the operation went well. It involved having to stretch her tendons and put a plate in her foot. The stages of recovery are going to be difficult and there is always the possibility of infection which we have to keep a sharp eye out for and which therefore requires regular and frequent bandage changes.

We will of course keep you all updated of her progress. As at time of writing, she has only just undergone surgery and has had several bandage changes. It us early days, but despite the thin skin in that area, so far the vet us pleased with progress .

Whatever happens, she is a brave and stoic lady and if you are lucky enough to meet her in the Sanctuary at the kennels, you will know why she is so much in everyone’s hearts already.

Carol (6th September 2017)