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Moreen – homed

Moreen – homed

This is for everyone who has helped and supported Moreen in her long road to recovery from a severely broken foot. Thanks to the generosity and kindness from our supporters and from Nina Malina’s half marathon charity run, the cost of her operation was covered and Moreen’s operation was a success. A huge thank to Dave – and to you all – for giving Moreen that chance she so desperately needed and an active life in a loving home.

Facebook Video

As you can see from the video she can now run around and play like a normal dog. Even though she has a shorter foot with metal plates in it doesn’t restrict her.

If she could speak I know she would say a big thank you to everyone at the kennels, volunteers, supporters who raised funds and Martin at Lingfield vets who reconstructed her foot.

Thank you all Moreen.