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Hound of the Month – Feb 2018 – Monis

Hound of the Month – Feb 2018 – Monis

Monis – Born 20th August 2006

Monis has been with us for more than 4 years now.

She has a lovely little shrew-like face that is very endearing but because she is rather introverted when she first meets you and sports a rather grey muzzle,  she has been constantly overlooked for homing.

Now 10 years old, she is less likely to be everyone’s first choice of a hound to home but we love her to bits. If you ever walk her at the kennels, just beware of her penchant for ducks, geese and chickens as she will drag you in a ditch to chase one!

With other breeds of dog, she is fine, if rather lacking in confidence with them. On walks in the field, she adores rolling in the grass, especially where foxes have dared to tread (and where they have also unfortunately left their mark !).

She is a real tomboy at heart.


‘This delightful sociable lady, who recently received a clean bill of health from the vet, was an excellent passenger in the car. I lifted her in and out and she travelled so well it was like Driving Miss Daisy. This was her first time to Painshill and she kept pace with the others as she took it all in, smiling all the time. She expressed interest in the ducks but only pulled out of curiousity. Chirping birds also got her attention, she clearly appreciated the beauty of the park. We choose the sloping path to avoid the steps and she was eager to rejoin the group, not to keen on being last to leave. This affectionate lady has so much to offer, please ask for her by name when you visit the kennels.’

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