‘Website Woof’ presents Max.

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Max went on a 2 night foster stay. This is his report.

Max is an adorable and stunning black boy, quite small but strong. He travelled well in the car and settled down straight away for the long drive home.

Max is quite timid and will take time to come out of his shell and will suit a quiet home with someone who will have the time and patience to help him to gain confidence in himself. He looked to kennel mate Lucy for reassurance but over the 3 days/2 nights we had him we saw glimpses of his cheeky playful character coming through and he started to relax and join us on the sofa for cuddles.

I got the most wonderful welcome in the mornings! He really was very affectionate to Lucy, cleaning her ears for her and cuddling up to her and we think it would be really beneficial for him to live with another hound. He let Lucy boss him around and was the perfect gentleman when she grumbled at him a couple of times.

Max was interested in playing with the toys but each time he started Lucy took them so he didn’t have much of a chance! He will need some further housetraining as we dealt with a few ‘wee mail’ incidents but feel if he had been with us for a couple more days he would have learnt what was expected of him as we made significant progress in the short time we had him and he is keen to please. Max gets very excited when he sees small dogs and furries.

With more socialisation he will soon overcome this, infact when a Sausage dog barked at him he couldn’t drag Justin away quick enough! I think he was quite shocked this small long thing was actually a dog. Max loves his walks and exploring and his confidence blossoms when out and about. He slept through the night no problem but was not left alone so we can’t comment on that. Having had hounds like Max who were timid and unsure at first it is so rewarding to see them come out of their shell and settle in a home.

We loved having him to stay and think he will make a loving and wonderful companion for someone willing to give him his chance to blossom.