Because there is life beyond the track



Last year we began looking for another companion for Marge and Mason was our third trial with her.
Carol suggested Mason to us but did say he was a very nervous little boy, and I had doubts as I was used to boisterous hounds.

We took him for walks with Marge and they seemed to get along. We trialled him at home for about 3 months and during this time, after a lot of patience and allowing him to take his time to do things, we saw some changes. By this time my son and I decided we could not let him go back to Hersham so we adopted him and have never looked back.

He is now allowing us to stroke him – albeit on his terms. Very slowly he is becoming cheeky – jumping on the sofa and getting on my bed. He eats well, walks with Marge beautifully, and is beginning to play with their toys. He sniffs our plates after dinner but never helps himself – yet!!

Everyday we see very slight differences in him but is still a work in progress.

Thank you Carol, staff and volunteers at WGW who continue to support us with this little boy. He has made our lives complete.

Carolyn & Jayy Payne