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‘Website Woof’ presents Lucy.

We hope you enjoy reading the volunteers’ descriptions of their walks with the hounds. If you would like to find out more about Ed please visit our kennels and talk with a member of staff.

The kennels are open daily for hound walking from 11am until 2pm and are located at Burhill Kennels, Turners Lane, Hersham, KT12 4AW. Tel: 01932 224918

Lucy went on a 2 night foster stay

She is adorable and a very beautiful brindle. She’s so affectionate and cuddly, so if you want a cuddle monster who wags her tail just because you make eye contact with her she’s the one for you! She loves the attention and settled in straight away. She travelled well in the car, laid down quietly for the drive home which is about 1 1/2 hours. She was clean in the house but beware she is a shoe thief and gathered quite a collection over the weekend, but don’t worry she only wants one of each pair!

She is playful but gentle and didn’t destroy any toys. Out and about she was confident and enjoyed exploring. She passed a few smaller dogs and didn’t show any interest and just walked past if they were on a lead. If she saw a dog running this brought out her chase instinct and she got quite excited so will need careful introductions to smaller breeds until she realises they are dogs too. She does walk well on the lead but we found with a harness she was even better. She is strong though so if she sees a squirrel or small furry running she will pull and want to chase but thats to be expected.

She slept through the night but was never left alone so can’t comment on that. Justin slept downstairs with them and she snuggled up to him all night. Lucy is just a happy go lucky kinda girl who will flourish in a home and bring lots of laughter and love to the lucky person who chooses her. She clearly enjoys Max’s company but we think she would be ok either with another hound or as an only dog because she is so people orientated. She was a pleasure to have to stay.