‘Website Woof’ presents Lobelia. Lobelia was born in March 2013.

We hope you enjoy reading the volunteers’ descriptions of their walks with the hounds. If you would like to find out more about Lobelia please visit our kennels and talk with a member of staff.

The kennels are open daily for hound walking from 11am until 2pm and are located at Burhill Kennels, Turners Lane, Hersham, KT12 4AW. Tel: 01932 224918

Lobelia went to Painshill Park with Clíona Breathnach on November 4th, 2017. This is what she had to say about Lobelia:

‘Lobelia loves life. She is a creature of habit in the kennels and knows the routine perfectly but when it is her turn for anything she is extremely enthusiastic about every single thing. If it’s her turn for a walk she bounds out the kennel door ready for action.

In the car she likes her space and gets herself comfortable while Blue stands towering over her. Bounding out of the car she managed the steps well and took the park in her stride. A confident lady she enjoyed her new surroundings, taking a slight interest in a swan, wondering why it was on the water. Back in her kennel she leaned in on me, her way of thanking me for a new adventure.

Painshill was a great introduction to the outside world for Lobelia and I’m sure she would enjoy a few more outings beyond the kennel grounds… and maybe even a sleepover.’

Lobelia went to the park with Janine Marcelline on October 29th, 2017. This is what she had to say about Lobelia:

‘Lobelia is an enthusiastic girl. She loves to travel in a car and like any girl she likes her own space. She relaxed quite quickly on the walk which shows she is comfortable away from the kennels.

She has not been around small dogs much so she shows a little interest but happily walks on as there is always more to explore. I have no doubt this lady’s quirky character would blossom to its full potential in a home.