‘Website Woof’ presents Liam. Liam was born in April 2010.

We hope you enjoy reading the volunteers’ descriptions of their walks with the hounds. If you would like to find out more about Liam please visit our kennels and talk with a member of staff.

The kennels are open daily for hound walking from 11am until 2pm and are located at Burhill Kennels, Turners Lane, Hersham, KT12 4AW. Tel: 01932 224918

Liam went on foster with Donna and Nitsuj Oyjec in March 2018. This is what they said about Liam:

We had the pleasure of having Liam for 3 nights and can’t believe he has never been in a home before. Liam will make such a great companion and just loves to be around you and share whatever you are up to but is also laid back and just as happy to go for adventures as he is to laze around.

He greeted everyone with a waggy tail and walks beautifully on the lead. He passed with flying colours when we walked by dogs of all shapes and sizes who were on and off lead, showing no aggression, no pulling and nothing but a bit of interest in saying hello to them. Even a cat walking within feet of him didn’t generate any more reaction than most dogs and he was easily controlled and kept on walking.

He didn’t bark once and is happy in his own company and not in any way clingy. He was clean in the house, didn’t jump up at anyone or anything and didn’t show interest in stuff around the house other than my slippers which he took off my feet ( could be trained as an assistance dog??? ) and the dog toys which he amused himself with for ages just mouthing them and throwing them around. He sleeps through the night, travels well in the car, was fine when left alone for a short period and this is all having spent his whole 8 years of life in kennels.

What an amazing boy. It really is time for Liam to find his forever home. He so deserves it. Please contact Carol if you think Liam might be the boy for you. He has been overlooked for too long.

Liam went to Painshill Park with Alex B. on January 20th, 2018. This is what Alex said about Liam:

‘Liam is a gorgeous boy with soulful eyes who really benefitted from a break away from the kennels. He bounded into the car and wanted to keep an eye out of every window on the journey. He walked comfortably in the group of hounds but didn’t bother with them much, though he was excited to see some ducks.

It was a quiet day at the park, but Liam showed his delight at the trip and would appreciate more activities away from the kennels to let his true personality shine through.’

Liam went to Painshill Park with Nina M. numerous times in October 2017. This is what she said about him:

I have an absolute pleasure to present – Liam! He is not just a black boy. He is STUNNING! Look at his shiny coat! And he walks with a certain grace you only see in big black greyhounds.

He is so chilled out, so easy going and a perfect companion. Despite being so laid back, he always greets you with a big broad tail wag – he wears it like a big smile on his face!

He would suit a quieter home and would prefer to be the only animal in the house. He quite likes his space and considering his size I don’t blame him! 

He is a pleasure to walk – he minds his own business sniffing away. He still finds smaller dogs interesting but doesn’t really pull to get to them. And with a bit more experience out of the kennels, he will most likely be perfectly comfortable with them. At the end of the day – no one has yet shown him that small dogs are just smaller versions of him!

He might be suitable for someone who needs a companion dog to talk to and snuggle up on the sofa with – especially during long cold winter evenings!

Poor Liam has been in the kennels for 4 years now, waiting for that special someone.

If you have a hound shaped hole in your life, give Liam a chance – you may well be pleasantly surprised!