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‘Website Woof’ presents Laura. Laura was born in June 2014.

We hope you enjoy reading the volunteers’ descriptions of their walks with the hounds. If you would like to find out more about Laura please visit our kennels and talk with a member of staff.

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Laura homestay

I was lucky enough to have Laura for an overnight homestay in March 2018. She happily jumped in to the back of the car for the journey home, and was too excited to settle onto her duvet at first, but by the end was sitting looking out of the back window. Once home she paced and panted for a couple of hours trying to get her head round everything – coming up for a cuddle whenever she could. Though she easily managed the steps up to the house, the four downward steps inside the house and the stairway were too much to contemplate – though she’s a bright girl and would learn quickly I’m sure. I just didn’t want to overload her on a short visit!

We did four walks to Marble Hill park where Laura was completely unfazed by the off lead dogs running around. The large ones got no reaction except for her coming a bit closer for reassurance, but she showed no fear or aggression – she was startled only once when an off-lead greyhound bounded up, but calmed quickly. She was completely aware of the small dogs, and was interested, but showed no aggression, nor pulled unduly. While sitting at a park bench, a couple of terriers came up for a sniff, but she was far more interested in the cuddles she was getting.

I was really impressed with her handling of other dogs given that she has had limited socialisation. The only times she got a bit frisky was when she saw squirrels and was surprised by the ducks splashing into the river. At high tide our quiet route was flooded so we had to go along the main road to the park – Laura coped with traffic as if she was completely used to it.

Once Laura settled at home, she was a dream – apart from a couple of housetraining mishaps. She hasn’t yet learnt to ask to go out. She slept through the night on her duvet at the bottom of the bed. She wasn’t interested on jumping on furniture, but does like to be close, and followed me from room to room, always ready for a cuddle and a lean.

Given she has barely been out of the kennels, Laura coped really well and was a joy to have around – she’s super affectionate and so easy out on walks. There are no negatives with Laura, and she would add so much to anyone’s life.


This gentle, affectionate, little girl came for an overnight homestay on the 21st February. She didn’t want to get into the car via the tailgate but happily hopped in through the passenger door. For most of the journey she stood looking out of the rear window taking in all the different things she could see.

When we arrived home, she hopped out from the passenger door and I took her through to the garden so she could have a look round before taking her into the house. Once inside, she had a good sniff round in what was such an alien environment for her. She has very little experience of life outside of kennels. There was a lot of panting and pacing around for a few hours which is perfectly normal but by teatime Laura had snuggled down on her duvet by the radiator and fallen asleep. During her stay, she never attempted to jump on the furniture.

In the local park, Laura was very keen to chase anything that moved but there was absolutely no aggression towards any off lead dogs, one of whom came up to her twice. She desperately wanted to chase after him and join in the fun but fortunately I did manage somehow hang on to her lead.

At bedtime we left Laura downstairs as she seemed happy on her duvet and didn’t attempt to follow us when we left the room. However, a few minutes later she managed to climb the stairs looking for us so I made her a bed up alongside ours where she snuggled down and went to sleep. The next morning we tried to help her down the stairs but she just froze at the top and wouldn’t move. Because she had coped so well with everything that far and we didn’t want to frighten her Peter carried her down the stairs. She will need to experience going up and down just a few steps before attempting a whole flight.

Laura tucked into her food and ate everything up so I don’t think she has any food issues.
Although, on the surface, Laura appears very calm and ladylike, there is quite a sensitive and nervous side to her, and a fun loving little character just waiting to come out. She amused us picking things up and walking about with them in her mouth – not always her own toys – but she didn’t chew or damage anything.

This little girl has an awful lot to offer the right family and deserves to find her forever home very soon. Good luck Darling Laura.’


It’s early in the year but lovely Laura might already be ‘Leaner of the Year’. Not having met me before she relaxed and leaned in on me while waiting for the group. When the herd of hounds was ready she needed to be lifted into the car but settled as soon as she rearranged the duvet to her liking.

On her first trip to Painshill Park her relaxed ladylike manners continued as she didn’t react to crying children or the ducks and swans. Two bulldogs did interest her, but they did look a little funny. Walking nicely in a group and on a loose lead, she leaned again anytime we stopped. A barking terrier did get her attention but mostly because it was being naughty.

It was a treat to bring her out and I look forward to our next opportunity.