Hillary – Born July 2019

Hilary - Born July 2019
Hilary - Born July 2019

Hillary has been on foster with Alice and Tomos

We had a lovely fostering experience with Hillary, she is a very sweet girl. Hilary had never been in a home before and so she was understandably excited at first- having a thorough sniff of everything and giving us lots of fuss.

She settled in very quickly and really relaxed. Despite never having been in a house before, she didn’t have any toileting accidents and she knew to hold it until she went outside for walks. Hilary got on very well with our 7 year old greyhound, Colin, and always waited behind him at mealtimes to be first in line for his leftovers. Hillary walks well on the lead, never pulling, and occasionally needing a little encouragement to keep going.

Hillary loves her food but learned quickly not to beg at the dinner table. She liked seeing other dogs in the park, looking at them with curiosity and wagging her tail when she saw other dogs running around. Hilary jumped into our car the second the boot was open, she’s an easy travel companion.

Hillary is a very playful dog, who really shows affection once she’s got to know you. Within just a few days we grew to adore Hilary and were very sad to take her back to the shelter. She’d make such a lovely housemate for anyone looking for a sweet, characterful hound.

Hillary has been on a foster with Liz Flavell.

Hillary jumped straight into the boot of my car without any question and settled and travelled very quietly. Although she is a small/medium sized dog this is a bonus.

She was introduced to my garden which she loved, and came into my house – a really happy and playful girl. We went for a lovely walk, she is easy to ‘harness’ and enjoys her sniffs. She is excellent with other breeds showing no worry at all. She was not interested in paddling in the river. The kitchen was hugely interesting with all the food smells and yes she tried to help herself but a firm nudge was understood. Her dinner was served outside and wolfed down rapidly.

Bedtime meant her downstairs behind a stair gate and me up stairs. She was noisy to start with but settled well until the fox came through! He won’t come in my garden for a while…. It took little time to re settle her. The second night was much better and she slept through.

Hillary managed to talk the traffic warden out of giving me a ticket and the lovely lady helped get Hillary in the car. The fine has been donated to WGW 🙂

At the moment Hillary is quite needy and follows everywhere but I think with practice and bribery she will quickly become independent. She would happily live with other dogs of any breed and that would re assure her initially. For a greyhound she is quite vocal until her demands are met, but this would improve with a bit of training and patience. After one territorial mark she was totally clean in the house and used one area in the garden….

Time this attractive young lady found a loving home.

If you are interested in re-homing Hillary or any of the hounds then please contact the kennels.