Ditton Fair raises over £250 for WGW

This time last week we were setting up our WGW stall and associated ‘hound lounge’ gazebo for shade and rest, for the popular local ‘Dittons Fair’ on Giggs Green.

We attracted a lot of visitors and raised £254.69, including shop sales. It was a hot day – thankfully we were able to pitch under the trees at the back of the Fair – which made all the difference to the hounds and humans who generously gave up their Sunday afternoon to support our fundraising and hound promoting efforts. I must say a huge thank you to those dedicated supporters who provided transport for our equipment, organised, set up and ran our stall throughout the event and showed what a great network of friends and supporters we truly have.

We cannot thank you all enough and you did our Hersham Hounds proud in the local community. We have already had follow up interest and a few new walkers at the kennels emanating from the Fair and we were made very welcome by the orqanisers and the wonderful Dittons public who showed a great interest in our hounds and what we do.

If you think there is a local event that would help raise funds for WGW and the profile of the homeless hounds, please get in touch with me on: 01932 251894.

All the best, Carol x,