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Jetta foster report

Jetta foster report

Jetta was on foster with Alice and March in July 2018. This is what they said about Jetta:

We had the honour of fostering ‘Princess Jetta’ for 3 days at the beginning of July. We have known Jetta since her arrival at the kennel a few years ago and we felt it was time for her to see the “outside world”. Our accommodation was a cottage on the South coast with a garden at the back which Jetta did not like that much, still don’t know why. We placed her duvet close to our bed, in one of the corners of the room as we felt Jetta preferred to stay in a quiet spot. Despite having a large indoor space available, Jetta only felt confident enough to stay in the bedroom; even when leaving the door of the garden open, she did not feel brave enough to go out. She never cried at night and there were no accidents, she slept well on her duvet all night. We even managed to go out for half an hour to the local shop and she did not seemed fussed at all about it.

Jetta is a very sensitive hound who has clearly missed being exposed to new and out of kennel situations in the first years of her life. This very pretty and sweet hound has made very good progress overtime but she is still afraid of loud noises (especially motorbikes and cars) and would just freeze and try to hide in between the legs when she is scared. Giving her time to process what was going on and let her decide when it was time to continue with the walk helped her gain some confidence. Jetta is great with other breeds and is always happy to be approached by dogs of any size (unless too loud!).

Jetta is a shy hound who needs a calm and patient family (and ideally a confident 4 legged companion who can show her the ropes) who is willing to give her time, consistency and reassurance to help come out of her shell. We are pretty sure that behind her worried face, there is a very cheeky hound waiting to shine. Please go and meet Princess Jetta, she loves cuddles!