Hound of the Month – May – Colleen

Hound of the Month – May – Colleen

‘Website Woof’ presents Colleen; Colleen was born in November 2012.

We hope you enjoy reading the volunteers descriptions of their walks with the hounds. If you would like a detailed assessment of Colleen please visit Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare where the manager, Carol, and staff can advise you on Colleen’s temperament, nature, health and diet.

The kennels are open daily for hound walking from 11am until 2pm and are located at Burhill Kennels, Turners Lane, Hersham, KT12 4AW. Tel: 01932 224918


We had the pleasure of hosting the lovely Colleen on her first ever foster. She was with us for a week and she was a model guest coping really well with stairs, a tiny lift, with all the noise from central London and even with small dogs as long as they were on a lead. She was a little anxious for the first few hours and had an accident in the flat, but she is a quick learner and as soon as she realized the flat was the equivalent of her kennel there were no more accidents.

Once she found the couch she realized she could get cuddles on demand and she settled in nicely. She collected all of our shoes just to have them in one place, but didn’t chew them so no harm was done. I think she just liked to have the scent of her human hosts at night.

She was very calm when children came to pet her, she didn’t pull while walking and we had no trouble eating right in front of her. Colleen is an extremely affectionate girl and definitely a people hound. She would do just as well in a flat in a busy city centre as in a house in a quieter area. She is good with children so I’d say she would suit a single person, a couple or a family equally as well.

Colleen was keen to be with us most of the time and would follow us everywhere. Over time she did become more comfortable with her place in the house but she might do better in a home where one person works from home or can take her to the office with them.

She is a very sweet, even tempered, playful girl that deserves a forever home.


I had the pleasure of taking beautiful Colleen to the park on two occasions recently. She was eager to jump in any car we passed on the lane and when we arrive at mine she jumped straight in and lay down immediately, even before we even moved off.

At the park she walked up the stairs no problem and was unfazed by the Easter activities surrounding her – she even went up to a man dressed as a huge Easter bunny with her tail wagging. She paid little attention to the ducks and swans on the lake and while she noticed other breeds on the walk, she showed very little reaction to them. On my first visit with her, she walked happily with three other hounds. On her second visit, she had a long walk on her own with me and was equally as happy. She was friendly and very gentle with a toddler who wanted to hold her lead and help walk her.

Colleen is a well behaved, black beauty who loves cuddles and leans against you to show her appreciation. She would love a permanent home and a comfy sofa to call her own!


Colleen loved her trip to the park with the other hounds. A great traveller in the car sweet Coleen took it all in her stride. It was a busy day and we met a spaniel, a lab puppy and two bulldogs all which Coleen needed encouragement to pass them by. She was curious and interested in trying to get closer but she did not show any aggression. A modest lady she was able to express thanks for being brought on the walk as it was obvious she enjoyed it thoroughly.

Colleen went to Painshill Park with Clíona Breathnach on October 21st 2017. This is what she said about her:

‘Colleen and her kennel mate Chunky loved their visit to Painshill Park. Colleen travelled well in a separate car to Chunky and leapt out in a hurry to explore her new surroundings. A confident lady with a sweet nature she lovingly encouraged Chunky and reassured him that he was safe to leave his transport. Walking with other WGW dogs, they alerted each other when squirrels were about but Colleen just turned to glance. There weren’t many dogs around to test her with but she clearly enjoyed her morning away from the kennels and was an easy girl to walk.

Colleen went to the Park with Anna G.N. on October 29st 2017. This is what she said about her:

Colleen – this little lady is fantastic in the car. She leapt in, lay down and chilled. With not even a hint of panting she was completely relaxed. She did tell Chunky off with a rather stern woof for not settling and then ignored him.
She was good on the lead but likes to follow her nose at speed – she resembled a beagle more than a greyhound – but she never pulled particularly badly. She does react to other breeds by jumping and dancing, but no barking. Towards the end of the walk, she seemed to get used to the park and ignored most other dogs. She loves her cuddles and likes to stop and lean on you. She’s a brilliant girl who gives the best hugs with her little head! I have no idea why she hasn’t been snapped up!