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Hound of the Month March – Patrick

Hound of the Month March – Patrick

Patrick has been a number of home stays and park visits and this is what his carers have said.

“Patrick was a joy to have with us this weekend. He is a very loving boy and a very happy boy. His tail is always up and whipping and he’s at his happiest when with you. He enjoys a paddling pool and a girly night in the garden.

Patrick’s challenges are that he’s strong on the lead – but I found keeping the lead short improves his walking. And he is anxious with other breeds which manifests through planting his feet firm, staring intently and refusing to move. Then when you get him going, he’ll run around your legs.

He is anxious and confused – but his strength does make this a bit harder to manage. That said, I am able to deal with him and Rena at the same time so it’s not that bad! Short lead really helps as he gets confidence from being near you and you can place a hand on his back (while sneakily taking hold of his harness!).

I do hope more people will give this lovely lad more than a passing glance. Take him for a few walks. When he knows you, he blossoms in a way that one or two walks alone aren’t going to draw out. The reception that people like Alex Benis get just show all the love he has in him for those who will bother with him.”

“Patrick loves people, he can lean for his country. He is a beautiful hound inside and out and is such a happy boy, always smiling. He is always ready with a tail wag no matter what is going on. He loves to experience new things and enjoys every journey in the car.

He needs more socialisation with other breeds, if someone who is willing to work with him Patrick will return any invested time one hundred times over. Undoubtably, he will be somebody’s heart dog. I miss him when I’m not with him and he bounces in his kennel when he sees me.

He is more curious about other breeds than hostile, but he is improving and with more work he will make greyter steps forward.”