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Hound of the Month for April is Jetta

Hound of the Month for April is Jetta

Jetta was born in 2011.

Jetta has been to Painshill Park with Christine on multiple occasions. This is what she has to say about Jetta:

Beautiful, black, anxious Jetta. I have been taking her to the park regularly to get her used to sights and sounds outside of the kennels.

She feels safest in enclosed spaces like her kennel or the car as any noise or bang, even in the distance, worries her. She will dive between my legs to hide or try to bolt for the kennels or car. We stop frequently for a reassuring cuddle when we are out. Being in the company of another greyhound, lessons her anxiety. She isn’t fazed by other breeds, even when small off-lead dogs come running up to her. I just hope someone can see beyond the scared little girl in the kennel yard to give her the home she richly deserves.

Lovely Jetta needs a quiet, relaxed home with someone willing to take things slowly and help her overcome her fears. Ideally, she would be best suited in a home with another greyhound to show her the ropes.