Gibson – Born Sept 2016

Gibson - Sept 2016
Gibson - Sept 2016
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Gibson is a large brindle 3 year old greyhound boy. He was terrified when he first arrived at kennels because he didn’t know us. It took time, careful handling and patience to win him over and convince him we meant him no harm. And that is Gibson’s dilemma. He really does want to love and adore you, but he takes a while to trust you. 

We feel somewhere in his life, someone wasn’t kind, but he does gain trust, given patience and re-assurance. He is unusually obsessed with food and to reduce this stress that he fears he may not get another meal, we have introduced an extra feed in his regime.

On walks, he is brilliant with other breeds and realises they are dogs, even though he will not have socialised with other breeds before, as an ex racing greyhound. However, he can grind to a sudden halt (which with the right knack, you can overcome with a little cuddle and a few words and tone of encouragement). He will then trot on again and is an enthusiastic walker when he gets going!

Gibson’s difficulty is that if he sees a squirrel, there is an incredible surge of energy that will need a strong and attentive walker/owner with constant encouragement and attentiveness. He responds well to positive training and praise and a confident approach and he learns fast. If someone can cope with his sheer strength and his initial fears (especially of unknown men), he will one day make a fabulously loyal and loving companion dog. Let’s hope that special person comes along. Meantime, we will look after Gibson at WGW and help him overcome his issues with the help of our wonderful walking volunteers.

If you are interested in re-homing Gibson then please contact the kennels. Or, even better, come along to the kennels between 11am and 2pm and walk some of our hounds to get to know them.