Charlie – Born Jan 2017

Chuck - Born Sept 2015
Chuck - Born Sept 2015
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Meet Charlie! When this young lad arrived at the kennels he was very worried about the new surroundings he found himself in. Just a few short weeks later he has been on a few adventures and realised that retirement is actually a lot of fun. He’s been enjoying exploring new places, has made lots of new friends (of both the two legged and four legged variety), has been learning how to do normal dog stuff and has quickly turned into a very handsome, very cheeky chap 😊

Charlie loves getting out and about and, knowing that the car means adventure, he jumps into my car boot easily. He likes to see where he’s going but he’s a quiet, calm passenger. When we get to where we’re going he loves to sniff EVERYTHING! He walks nicely with other greyhounds and has joined the Surrey Sighthound Walking Group a couple of times walking alongside sighthounds of all sizes from tiny Italian Greyhound upwards. When he meets other breeds off lead his reaction varies between total indifference (mostly) to excited barking so he will need more careful introductions to ensure he gets used to everything he will come across in his life beyond the kennel walls.

Charlie still shows signs of anxiety but is mostly a bundle of fun. He would love a calm and reassuring home with someone who will enjoy showing him how much fun life after racing can be. He prefers to walk with another hound so may like to have a greyhound friend at home but, as he grows in confidence, this may not be a requirement.