Homeless Hounds

Liam- Born 2010

Another of our shy boys who takes time to get to know you, but once he does, he loves a cuddle.

Suit a quieter home with someone who’s got the time and patience to bring out the best in him.

Not been out to the park yet, so untested with other breeds.

Sue – Born 2013

Sue can be a bit timid initially, but like many of our shy boys and girls, she’ll get cheeky once she gets to know you.

A patient, quieter home would most likely suit her best, especially if there’s already a dog in residence to show her the ropes.

Joe – Born 2011

An all round good boy who’s more than ready to go home.

Great with his girls so would love a companion already in place if possible.

Snowy – Born June 2012.

Quite a big girl, full of life, enthusiastic about her walks and more than ready to take her place in the outside world. A delightful addition to any home.

Sass – Born December 2012.

Such a worry pot when he first arrived, he’s now relaxed and is getting to enjoy all that life has to offer. He’s very affectionate and responsive to some one to one attention but finds other breeds just a bit too exciting at the moment.

Storm – Born December 2010.

This shy little lad has blossomed and it hasn’t taken much time, just people around who have invested a bit of time to tell him how wonderful he is. Still needs work with other breeds but is well worth the investment.

Jill – Born October 2010.

This girl is definitely young at heart and would enjoy an active family home. Good on the lead, though she is quite strong initially, she soon settles down and has shown herself to be good with other breeds she has met when out and about so far.

Legend – Born June 2012

Legend is a very shy boy who has been suffering from painful corns. We hope that he will gain confidence as his paws recover and he gets to know us better. He loves being with the people he knows but is easily scared by busy and noisy environments.

He needs a home with people that will take they time to get to know him and gain his trust.

Paddy, Born 2008

Paddy has been with us for nearly 5 years now. He came in as a very young and excitable 3 year old with a strong chase instinct and although he has definitely mellowed over time he is still full of beans and will still need work with other breeds of dog.

What a delightful, gentle and loving boy he is. High time he found a sofa to call his own.

Three worried little souls

These 3 worried little souls need people to invest time in getting to know them, people who are prepared to take it slowly and not take it personally if the hound prefers not to be in a room with them. People who can give a hound the time and space to figure it out and blossom at a pace they are comfortable with. People who will show them that life can be good if they are very brave. Of course, if there is already a greyhound in residence that would really help. Are you that special someone who can offer one of these little souls a home?

Beryl, Born 2012 Jetta, Born 2011 Monty, Born 2011

Barney, Born 2010

Such a lovely chap to care for, Barney is the unfortunate lad who shares his kennel with Maggie. That just shows you how tolerant this lad is, in fact he’s a saint. Barney can be a bit shy when he first meets you but he soon gets over it.

He has been to the park and will need a bit of work with other breeds but such a lovely lad is worth investing some time in.