Otto – Born August 2016

Otto - Born August 2016
Otto - Born August 2016

Otto is a delightful, affectionate and gentle boy with the most beautiful eyes, and we’ve very much enjoyed having him come to stay on several occasions this year.

He was incredibly well house trained and we had no accidents in the house at all. He slept downstairs on his own, curled up on a bed at the bottom of the stairs and didn’t disturb us until we got up in the morning when we were greeted with a very friendly wag of the tail and a lick of the hand. He wasn’t able to manage our stairs but we live in a cottage and they are incredibly steep!

He was very settled in the house and increasing in confidence all the time. He’d often take himself off into another room to snooze on his own if he got bored of what we doing!

He enjoyed his furry and chewy toys and loved having a good run up and down the garden.

He’s a fast learner and responded well to a ‘no’ command if he’d picked something up that he wasn’t meant to have like my bright purple garden shoes which often caught his eye!

He travelled incredibly well in the car and we are about an hour away from Hersham at times and but this didn’t bother him at all.

He walks very well on the lead and despite his size, doesn’t pull. He does become a little anxious on walks and would benefit from a doggie companion to show him the way in this world.

He’s uncomforatble having his feet touched or wiped but with time and patience, once his confidence builds I’m sure this will improve.

He is such a beautiful boy and would be a delightful permanent addition in the right home. He really does deserve a forever home soon.