Jackie – Born November 2015

Homeless Hound - Jackie
Homeless Hound - Jackie
LIZ FLAVELL had Jackie over for a foster stay

I am lucky to have just had five glorious days with Jackie, a pixie faced black girl. She got in the car very happily and travelled well. After sniffing everything in my house and garden, she settled well and had a good walk. I made her bed in the kitchen and she slept happily through the night downstairs.

Jackie loves to chase balls and play with toys. A trip to the pharmacy was easy as she walked happily on the pavement with cars on the road. We walked with two labrador crosses and two spaniels which she settled to with ease. Two more play dates followed, one on Bisley Airfield with a cockerpoo, she played enthusiastically but politely off the lead in an enclosed space and came to call! Her behaviour was a lot better than the staffie we walked with on Hankley Common! She is well mannered with other dogs and refused to get wound up by the staffie. Settled happily in the pub/coffee shop after her walks.

Jackie eats well and enjoyed some ‘extras’ from her bowl. Why she wanted my washing up gloves in her bed I don’t know? Above all, she is incredibly affectionate and would make a fantastic addition to any home where she can have lots of cuddles and walking.


I had the pleasure of taking the lovely Jackie to Painshill Park today. She came bounding out into the yard very excited to be going out on a walk. She took a moment to decide whether or not to jump in the car but did so on her own when i started to lift her. 

From the moment Jackie jumped out of the car at Painshill she thoroughly enjoyed her outing. It was a delight to see her fascination of her new surroundings, especially the strange feathered creatures swimming in the lake who she decided needed closer inspection and so waded straight into the water after them. Jackie is a very sociable hound who wanted to go up to everyone we passed to say hello and was more than happy to be fussed by children who wanted to stroke her. 

She was interested in some of the smaller breeds we encountered, but think a lot of this was due to the excitement and newness of her surroundings. Jackie is a fun, affectionate girl, full of life and fascinated by the world outside the kennels so please ask to meet her next time you are at the kennels.