Donald – Born Jan 2016


When Donald came to stay: Donnie is a great dog, lively, loving and full of character.He loves cuddles and having his tummy rubbed.He sleeps through, good on the toilet training and doesn’t chew the furniture.

He is very food motivated so I think would be easy to train. He was a bit of a counter surfer at the start but seems to have stopped that now.He loves walks, is great with other dogs and is great on the lead.

In his first home stay he, understandably, got a bit over stimulated but as he gets used to the big scary world he would be a great family pet.

In the meantime, if you are interested in re-homing Donald then please contact the kennels. Or, even better, come along to the kennels between 11am and 2pm and walk some of our hounds to get to know them.