Cassie – Born October 2015

Cassie - Born October 2015
Cassie - Born October 2015

Cassie is a beautiful 6 year old girl with a shiny black coat, a constant smile, and a loyal and loving nature.

Cassie Home Stay report from Lucy in April

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In March Cassie did a foster stay with Fiona

She came to stay with me and my older greyhound Abbie for a couple of weeks recently. She fitted in perfectly, adapting happily to home life almost straight away! She enjoyed her food, did all her business in the garden, and slept peacefully downstairs at night. She was so enthusiastic about going out and about and being in my company that she would have gladly followed me to work and was often to be found clearing a space between the pot plants on the front windowsill to watch me come and go, and every morning I would come down to a joyful dance at the stair gate from the 4 legged welcoming committee!

She loved playing with the soft squeaky toys and chewing on the various buffalo horns and deer antlers that she found in the toy box, and of course adored being stroked and cuddled. On her walks, she was very excited by all the new things she saw, especially squirrels and other dogs of the small fluffy variety, but even after a week or so, she was able to walk more calmly past other dogs unless they came rushing up to try and to play with her or bark at her. I am sure she would continue to settle further given more time, and be a very sociable hound.

She was quick to learn the house rules, and after a few days, with practice, and some tasty educational rewards, she knew her name, ‘Lie down’ and ‘come’.

Abbie and I had fallen head over heels in love with Cassie, but unfortunately at 13, it was a difficult for Abbie to keep up with a younger more active hound. But Cassie will make someone a very happy hound owner. I’m sure she will find her forever home soon!