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Born 12th September, 2008

Harry is a handsome white and black hound with a distinctive docked tail (he must have damaged it when younger) who first came into our kennels as a young 2 year old,  following puppy trials and  a short-lived (if any!) racing career.

Sadly, we thought he had found his forever hone nearly a year later, when he left the kennels with his new family, but it was not to be. Six years iater, the family separated and we received a phone call to pick Harry back up.

This means Harry is by now an elderly hound and so, we have recently taken him into the Sanctuary where we will take care of him until he finds a home which may be more difficult now, but we never give up hope.

Unfortunately, Harry is not the most confident of hounds in the kennels yard and the other dogs seem to pick up on his anxiety and so he has never shown his best side if anyone has been looking for a hound to take home.

He adores his walks (preferably away from the kennels and away from too many hounds!). One of our regular volunteers has been taking him to the park whenever she has time off and often brings him some special rice, cooked egg and chicken – his favourite dish!

Harry is a self sufficient lad but he adores one to one attention and to be loved and he always leaps joyfully onto his memory foam bed (a present from his favourite volunteer) after his paddocks or a walk.

He has a vulnerability about him that makes your heart melt and we will look after Harry for as long as he needs us.

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