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Goodnight darling Scooby – 1st Jan 2007 – 27th Jan 2018

Goodnight darling Scooby – 1st Jan 2007 –  27th Jan 2018

Heartbreaking though it is to say that darling Scooby (who for 9 years was Sanctuary resident at the WGW kennels) has passed away, we at Wimbledon Greyhoind Welfare, could not have wished for a more peaceful passing for him, in a home on foster with people who were with him and loved him to the end.

Scooby was – thanks to our kind supporters and experienced fosterers, Tracy and Maz, (who were aware that 11 year old Scooby was in kidney failure, had a stroke a year before and that time was not on his side) – happy, bright and very much loved and adored until the end. Sadly, his passing came sooner than we had all hoped, as his recent blood test and health check had shown his kidney readings had not got worse, but it looks like his heart finally and quietly gave out, as he passed away in a relaxed sleep.

Scooby had held our WGW Facebook page followers captivated by him and the ease with which he settled straight into his foster home from all those years in kennels was self evident and we all thoroughly enjoyed to the max every walk, bed purchased especially for him (there seemed to be several!) and selfie his shared with him – and with us all. I am now sharing these wonderful photos with this tribute for those of you who do not do Facebook.

Scooby had been a Sanctuary hound for many years, as when potential homers heard he was not good in the kennels yard, (anxious hounds don’t like the general hubbub of lots of people and hounds coming and going during public walking hours and in an enclosed and to them iinvasive space), it worried people he would be a difficult hound to take home. However, rest assured, he was very much adored by us all at the kennels, staff and volunteer walkers alike.

However, to me, it is not how long he was loved that counts but how much he was loved. And anyone could see that short though his foster time with Tracy and Maz was, they made the most of every fun filled minute with Scooby. And from the photos and stories of his daily progress, so did Scooby

Our memories of Scooby are very special. All our love from everyone – staff, walkers, fosterers and sponsors – from Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare. A huge thank you to everyone who ever cared about and loved him. Goodnight darling Scooby. How could any of us ever forget you?


Carol (the Sanctuary)