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Born 1st June 2011

Gorgeous Gary and his brother Barry arrived at the kennels in June 2017 and they have come so far in such a short space of time. Gary is the reserved one but also a little nosey parker as he cannot pass an open door without peering in.


I’ve noticed that the lovely Barry and Gary have a bit of a fan club and thought some of you would like an update following their foster week.

They are both delightful and have done amazingly well getting used to everything that is so different from the kennels. The heat has been awful so we have been going for walks, around the neighbourhood, early and late, when it is a bit cooler.
Gary is the more reserved but is definitely coming out of his shell. He even came for a cuddle in the garden. He really enjoys having his ears massaged and his cheeks stroked, as does the lovely Barry, of course, who is just more likely to actually come looking for that attention. These two are wonderful company. They are so sweet together.

If anyone is interested in adopting them, I’m very happy to share my experiences with them and to help work out whether they are the greyhounds for you.


I have been walking these two gorgeous boys regularly for the last couple of months. We have become regulars at Painshill Park and also members of the Surrey Sighthound Walking Group. When they arrived at Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare in June 2017, they were very nervous and shy so they moved into The Sanctuary which is a quieter environment. Since then they have been shown patience, kindness and love and have really grown in confidence and their fabulous characters have started to shine which is why Carol suggested I take them out to see how they reacted away from the kennels.

They are a joy to walk and, any nerves I had about managing two dogs quickly disappeared as they walk so calmly together on the lead. They are sociable boys who enthusiastically greet other hounds when we arrive at a group walk with lots of sniffing and tail wagging. They are fabulous around other breeds, not batting an eyelid when off lead dogs charge through the group. They still show signs of anxiety around noisy young children or sudden noises but, with a little reassurance from a familiar voice, they relax again quickly and continue to enjoy their walk. They are enjoying their trips out so much that they now look for my car in the lane outside the kennels and leap into the boot enthusiastically. Although they travel well in the car, they are too excited to relax on the way out but they are much quieter on the way back once they are tired out.

These boys are litter mates and are very closely bonded but, like human twins, they each have their own personality. Barry is a little more confident and is possibly a secret party animal. Whilst he leaps into the car on the way out for the day, he never wants to get back in on the way home because he doesn’t want to leave the action behind. Gary is slightly more reserved. If we go to a pub or café after a walk, Barry is keen to explore and move further into the room. Gary prefers to stay by my side. They are both nosey parkers and can’t walk past an open door without peering inside!

Because of their strong bond, possibly relying on each other for support, they absolutely must be homed together so, if you are looking for a pair of hounds to take home, please come in and meet them. They will need a quiet, understanding home without young children and owners who will spend time building their confidence even more away from the hustle and bustle of kennel life.’

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