Farewell to Socks

Farewell to Socks

One of the hardest things about working in the Sanctuary (where we keep the older or infirm hounds who have been overlooked for homing earlier on in their lives) is that we are more likely to have a hound pass away. Sadly, we have lost our darling ‘Socks’ (so called because of the white fur on his feet that resembled white socks).

Sanctuary Hound - SocksHe had a normal last day and nothing was out of the ordinary until we found he was lame last thing in the evening and when we went to the vet and the conclusion was cancer of the hip, we were devastated, but with heavy hearts, we sadly, had to let him go. It was as if he went to sleep for one final time.

‘Socks’ would have been 12 years old this month but he was always since he came into us at nearly 7, very puppyish by nature and the most loving of hounds, with the hugest and kindest of eyes. He would always look right into your eyes and try to leap up to kiss you. As he got older and a bit more arthritic (which was thankfully successfully controlled with an organ-friendly pain relief medication), he would still try to kiss you and barge you with glee, but showed a bit more caution and restraint than in his younger days.

I am not alone when I say I will miss ‘Socks’ dreadfully. Always happy no matter what, he was great fun and even though he would have a shout and a leap about at the other hounds, outside the kennel walls when he was younger and I could take him to the park, he would just as soon avoid other breeds and appeared anxious around other dogs.

Whilst it would have been wonderful to have found ‘Socks’ a forever home, and he was the perfect gent with his lady hounds, he had a happy life at the kennels and enriched the life of anyone that knew him and even those who had met him only for the first time.

It is not the same in the Sanctuary without you, ‘Socks’, but you will be forever in our hearts.

Goodnight darling ‘Socks’. You were quite simply a legend.

Carol (The Sanctuary)