Because there is life beyond the track

Darcy out and about

Darcy out and about

I have had the pleasure of Darcy’s company on a few trips out recently and have totally fallen in love with him. Not only is he a stunning brindle boy with the most expressive ears and a particularly waggy tail, he is also excellent company. He is the perfect passenger in the car – he settles down quietly for the journey and greets me with a grin and a wagging tail when I open the boot at the other end. He enjoys exploring new places, walks nicely on the lead and loves a good sniff.

When we get back to the kennels, Darcy likes to choose a treat from the treat bar to take back to his kennel (his favourite is the sausage roll he has in these photos) but he never remembers to pay for it preferring to leave me with a bar tab to settle on his behalf 🙄

Darcy used to be a little unpredictable around other breeds which may be why he is still with us but, while he does still have the occasional shout at other dogs, he has improved a lot and was recently described by a regular walker as a “reformed character”! 😇

If you’re coming to the kennels this month, ask to meet Darcy – if you buy him a treat from the treat bar he’ll love you forever. If you give him the home he deserves, I’ll love you forever! ❤️