‘Website Woof’ presents Bobby. Bobby was born in February 2010.

We hope you enjoy reading the volunteers’ descriptions of their walks with the hounds. If you would like to find out more about Bobby please visit our kennels and talk with a member of staff.

The kennels are open daily for hound walking from 11am until 2pm and are located at Burhill Kennels, Turners Lane, Hersham, KT12 4AW. Tel: 01932 224918


Beautiful Bobby stayed with us for a 4 day foster. He travelled well in the car, standing all the way, so he could take in what was happening outside. After a quick sniff round our flat, he very quickly settled onto his bed.

He is an extremely affectionate boy who absolutely loves his cuddles and would give us his paw, or raise his head to look at us, if we stopped making a fuss of him. Bobby loves the outdoors and walks calmly on a very loose lead, always staying close to you. He is alert to what’s going on around him, but is not at all fazed by small, large or fluffy off lead dogs, ducks, squirrels or small children.

He is a sociable boy and made friends with several other breeds at the park and at a dog friendly cafe. He was reactive towards a cat, but it was dark and the cat had darted across Bobby’s path. Bobby does have a sensitive side and sought reassurance that we were close by, but only on his first two nights with us. After that. he slept quietly all through the night and was not an early riser.

He really enjoys his food, waits patiently for it to be prepared and does not beg for food in between his meals. Loves cheese!
If you are looking for a very well behaved, relaxed, gentle and very affectionate boy, look no further than Bobby. He was a pleasure to have on foster and is more than ready for a forever home.



When I picked Bobby up he stood up most of the way, he was not stressed just likes to see what’s going on. By the end of the week he settled down a lot quicker. Bobby gets in and out of the car no bother. If Bobby is going out in the car and is going to be on the back seat it would be a good idea to have a hammock seat cover so that if he does stand up and have a wobble he does not fall in the footwell.

Bobby did not react to anything when in the car and we passed lots of dogs being walked large and small.

Out and about:

Bobby is a dream to walk, he is very light on the lead even when he spotted cats and squirrels when we were out walking he did not pull on the lead but his pace became slightly faster.

Initially when we started our walks he was stuck by my side but as the week went on he was more relaxed and walked in front. I took Bobby to the local park where there are quite a few dogs off lead and they do worry him but as long as they don’t run up or around him he’s fine. I am sure that with gentle exposure and more socialisation he will relax and not be so worried. He snapped at a spaniel that was off lead but once again this was because he was worried and not aggressive.

I took Bobby for a walk with my friend and her German Pincher and within 15 minutes he was confidently walking out in front by her side and a firm friendship was established between them.

Bobby is much more relaxed when out walking along the lanes and woods where there are not loads of dogs running around loose.

In the House:

Bobby loves company and followed me around the house like a shadow but as the week went on and he became more sure of himself he was not as worried if I went to another room, but he does not like to left alone for any amount of time as he gets anxious and will whine, especially at night. But I think maybe with a confident companion and some patience he would settle down.

Bobby loves his food but as soon as he’s eaten you need to take him out for a pee otherwise he will pee in the house.

My friend and her dog Dilly came over who Bobby had met previously and he was very excited to see her again, they got along really well and slept on the bed together.

I also took Bobby to visit some friends and he was a very good boy once he had a nosey around house he settled down for a kip.

Bobby is a very loving and affectionate boy with a big heart who needs someone who does not work or works from home and can spend some time building his confidence preferably with another confident but not dominant dog.
Bobby melts your heart when you look into those big brown eyes, I really love this boy and he is ready for a happy ever after.


We took Bobby and his kennelmate Hattie to Painshill Park on Saturday. Bobby needed assistance into the car as it was quite high, but he readily accepted this. He was a bit restless when travelling as he was keen to look out all the windows, but didn’t pant.

At the park he walked beautifully on a slack lead keeping pace with us. He likes to stop and lean and seemed to really enjoy his walk. He has the most beautiful gliding step when he moves, very graceful. We met a lot of small dogs and Bobby was interested but polite – one small dog approached him and he stood still wagging his tail in a relaxed pose. Someone did have an off-lead small dog chasing a ball and Bobby did react very briefly (I’m not surprised as it was a very sudden unexpected flash of movement), but he calmed down quickly.

Bobby went to Painshill Park with Marco on November 5th 2017.

‘Bobby is very gentle on the lead, despite his big size. On this his first park outing he was great with other people, children and didn’t pull on the lead. He was a little anxious when a small fluffy dog approached him and Bobby backed away. With more exposure his confidence will grow as he is eager to learn and has a kind heart. He is a gentle giant who is already looking forward to his next trip away from the kennels. This boy is ready for a home to call his own and I bet you would hardly know he was around.’

Bobby went on a Surrey Sighthound walk with Dave H. on October 29th 2017.

‘Bobby is a very social boy who loved walking with a large group of greyhounds in wide open spaces. He stood up in the car the whole way taking everything in. It really suited him to see new surroundings and he enjoyed the attention. He met two off lead smaller dogs and they didn’t bother him. He was a little anxious when the walk ended and needed a little reassurance. Considering this was a new situation for him he handled it very well. With a few more social occasions away from the kennels this boy will prove to be the perfect pet.’